Monday, October 6, 2008

Quiet Monday

I'm still recovering from all the walking around on Saturday.

While I'm doing this, I am amusing myself in part by checking out the voting status for the covers for the Steve Canyon DVD. There are 130 votes in so far (probably more by the time you check it). Add to the excitement, and vote if you haven't already. 

That includes you, Holly! I know you told John which one you liked, but he couldn't figure out if you actually voted for it or if you just told him.

It's an odd day. There are plenty of things that I have to do, but none of them involves a deadline (or at least not a deadline that's close). So, I have some freedom.


I've been trying to get a start on the sleeves for the Celtic sweater. I can get the shape for the sleeve cap with no problem, but picking up stitches from the shoulder and adding the shaping is making the stitches on the cap look messy.

I've frogged it 4 or 5 times so far. It's very discouraging. I can get the knit side to look good, but the purl side looks like a mess! The only thing I can think of at this point is to go back and embroider some pretty stitches on in the same yarn.

And I'd really like to have this done for this weekend! But it's looking more and more like that isn't going to happen.


Tonight is jam-packed with good stuff on TV! I'll be glued to the set after about 7 pm, trying to get a good start on the first sleeve of the Celtic sweater.

Once again, SciFi is showing four hours of Lost, starting at 7 pm. I'm really starting to get sucked into this.

Over on NBC, they're making me happy that I have a DVR by showing a new Chuck, and Heroes. It's not science fiction, but Life will be on after Heroes, and it's good.

Also not science fiction, but Bones will be on TNT after all that on NBC.

Have a great Monday!

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