Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beautiful Day!

this is what it looks like out my window right now.

This is what it looked like about this time yesterday.

I don't really have a lot going on today to talk about, so I thought I'd let you look at something really nice.

I did, however, manage to decide what to do with the sleeves on my Celtic sweater.

The choices were having the sleeve bell out a bit to look kind of Medieval, or to do something that would be close to the wrist, and therefore warmer.

Well, I suddenly realized that I can have both. I plan to put a partial Saint John's cross on the lower part of the sleeve as I did for the top of the hood, but instead of running into a cable around the cuff, I'm going to take two of the cable ends from the cross right off the surface and into two I-cords which I'm going to thread through some holes I'll put in the cuff. That way, I can have the loose sleeve I wanted, and pull the  I-cord tighter and knot it to make a more fitted cuff.

Wait until you see it! It's going to be neat!

Tonight, the most fun thing on is a rerun of Sanctuary on the SciFi Channel, starting in a couple of minutes.

Have to run!

Have a great evening!

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