Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tales from the Bus

I've spent a good proportion of the day on the bus on four of the last eight days. And that's without counting in the crazy, robbing lady who is making it her life's work to abandon her kids.

Today, I went trucking over to Borders to get a copy of Welcome to the Jungle, only to discover when I got there that it is a graphic novel, not a book. I was very disappointed.

But, Backup will be out soon (Halloween), and while it's only a novella, it'll be something to get me through the withdrawal caused by having finished all the Dresden Files books (twice).

I did go across the street to Shoppers Food Warehouse and buy a dozen packs of Ramen noodles, so it wasn't a complete waste, although I wouldn't have chosen to pay $1 for the bus so that I could do a lot of walking to buy $3 worth of noodles. But then again, Safeway is no longer stocking Top Ramen in the Oriental flavor, so I wouldn't have gotten them any other way.


Now that I'm back, I am just about ready to fall face first into my bed and take a nap. Whether I want to or not.


Tonight, we have Supernatural, as usual on the CW, and they are very appropriate to the Halloween season, if you want to get in the mood.

Later, there's Eleventh Hour, Life on Mars, and a rerun of Burn Notice. Check your local listings.

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