Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Start of the Tour de Fleece

Here it is on the first day of the Tour de Fleece (check button in the sidebar) and I haven't spun yet.

I did, however, take a photo of the progress I'd made before starting, so all I have to do is spin a bit this evening and I'm OK.

I finished two mitts, and plan to make a third, but I've revised my opinion of what to do with the other two balls of Risata in Marionberry. I plan to make socks. Actually, it's more than a plan, since I've finished turning the heel and the gusset of the first one. I'm now on the straight-away to the toe. These socks will be plain old 2x2 rib for the leg and the top of the foot. Expect photos tomorrow and a pattern soon.

I hope you've been getting a chance to watch the Star Wars movies on Spike and the Harry Potter movies on Family this weekend.

In about an hour, Eli Stone will be on. If all goes well, that is. The pilot was scheduled for last Saturday, and it never showed. Instead, we got a documentary on NASCAR racing. What a disappointment!

I watched for the planetary alignment last night, but we've had a heavy cloud cover for the last two nights. Early this evening, the clouds started breaking up, but they still cover most of the sky, so it'll be possible that I might see it tonight, but more likely I won't.

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