Monday, July 14, 2008

Knitting a Hood

Doctor Who is on daytime TV on SciFi today! I want to finish this post and get back to it!

I finished up the yarn on the hood, but it's still not finished. I'll have to get out and buy some more to finish it. I thought for sure it'd only need one more skein, but then again the first skein was from stash, so it probably wasn't a full skein. I'm glad I chose no dyelot yarn! The hood I'm working on now is navy, but it'll look like this hood that I made for a friend.

The pattern is available.

So, I'm making a third sock out of the Marionberry Risata. I'll order some more as soon as I can afford it, and make three more, then I'll have three pairs of them.

I have to go. I want to get back to Doctor Who (and get some of the mess the universe has created for me straightened out).



Don't forget to record Charlie Jade tonight/tomorrow morning!

I just got an email from an astrologer that says I'm in line for 3 miracles.

About time!

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