Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dental Blues

I'm back from the dentist. 

He can solve all my immediate dental problems.

He promised it won't hurt, and it won't be distressing (and gave me a prescription for a heavy dose of Valium to back it up). I actually like the dentist.

And it'll only cost $1,700!

But I have to do it immediately, and I have to pay up front.

I'm in shock.

And I have no idea where to get money on a scale like that. Well, I will buy a lottery ticket tomorrow, for whatever that's worth.

I feel terrible for saying this, but don't forget the donate button in the sidebar.



For all you Joss Whedon fans, you already know about Dollhouse (I know you do because I told you), but here is new and spectacular news. I could not possibly write the info as well as Joss, so check it out here.

This is really exciting, and if you look here, all you Nathan Fillion fans can see him in a short clip. I had to run it twice to see him, but he's there (I didn't believe it at first, either).

That should brighten up your day!

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