Friday, July 18, 2008

Comic Con Is Coming!

Next week, Comic Con will be happening!

There are always exciting things happening there, and G4 will be showing a preview (they're showing one right now and I don't think there will be another one), and live coverage starting on the first day (the 24th), and continuing throughout the Con.

Some of the guests will be: Forrest Ackerman, Ralph Bakshi, Jim Butcher, Dean Koontz, Noel Neill, J. Michael Straczynski, and Connie Willis! I was going to make the people I'm particularly interested in in bold type, but I realized that would be all of them. John will also be there part of the time at the cartoonists' booth. John, if you have the  chance to get autographs of any of these people, I will love you forever for it.

There will be more Steve Canyon disks available soon! And I'll be doing the covers/labels/slipcase for the set. I'm really excited! Keep up with the news with the Steve Canyon button in the sidebar. John will be putting up info about Comic Con real soon, now.

All my knitting is in limbo for the moment, i.e., it's all "in progress." Nothing is finished, so there's not a lot of news there.

I'm putting some knitted goods up on my Etsy shop, so if you're looking for something knitted, it'll probably be up there real soon now.

Have a great Friday, and a great weekend!

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