Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy March and Happy Birthday, John!

If it's March, can John's birthday be far behind? The answer to that is no. John's birthday is on the second (which, coincidentally, happens to be today), so if March has just started, it's got to be near John's birthday.

Maybe I should wait until I'm really awake to finish writing this.


Happy Birthday, John!

I got on Facebook earlier to wish him a happy birthday on his Facebook Wall, and stumbled around a little bit because they're always changing things around on Facebook. I clicked on "Friends" because it was in the location where I could click on it and get a list of my friends, but instead I got a list of people that are friends of my friends, and discovered my own, private "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon."

People on the list were absolutely amazing! Here's a partial list:

The further I scrolled down, the more people Facebook kept adding. I have at least two friends in common with all of these people, and the ones with an asterisk are people I've either met or are friends.

I'm writing about all this because it amazes me!

It's really fun to be friends with John! I say that because most of them are friends with John. I also got to meet Sam Rami and a lot of other fun people because of him.


In knitting news, Knitting Daily has free knitting patterns listed! Scroll down to see the free patterns. You may have to sign up to get the patterns, but it's free.

Vogue Knitting has put up their fashion preview!


Blogger is acting wierd, and I want to get this post up before it eats the whole post.

I hope you have fun on John's birthday!

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