Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mobius Knitting Pattern Updates

Well, I finished the knitting part of the Screaming KnitFit Mobius Hat. I think it turned out very well, but then Screaming KnitFit patterns always do.

See for yourself:

The cuff on this is a real mobius!

I have a few things to add/change to the instructions (which are mostly written), and then it needs to be proofed and edited. I have a few photos of the hat in progress that will make it easier to see what you're doing. Some people have a hard time visualizing what's going on, so seeing how it's supposed to look at a particular point can assure you that you're doing it right, or warn you that you've gotten completely off the track.

But then, I want to take some pretty photos of it so that the whole package will be attractive. After a bit of thought, it seems like this is the perfect time to buy a head and bust mannequin to use while taking the photos. The whole idea of this project is to make some money, but it seems that the old saying "You have to spend money to make money" is true.

I want to make both a scarf and a cowl to go with this (so the knitter has a choice), and of course, my Screaming KnitFit mitts pattern is perfect with this (with the same fun fur type trim around the cuff). I'm thinking about writing a pattern for mitts that really match, though.

So far, I've perfected the SKF Mobius Cowl to go with it:

This required a lot of knitting that was done and then torn out, but I think it's turned out well!

I started out with a vague idea, which turned out not to work at all. But it showed me the problems with the project, and I eventually figured out how to deal with those problems.

I'm thinking of making each pattern available separately, and also available together for a lower price than the separate pieces. Then, if you want the hat and scarf, but not the cowl, you can buy just that, but can get all the patterns at a discount.

At this point, I don't have enough yarn left over for a scarf. I went to JoAnn Fabrics on Friday to get more, but they didn't have any of the right color. I could kick myself because when I bought this originally, they had two more balls of the same dye lot, and I didn't get them.

I do have about a ball of yarn left, and I'm thinking about making mitts to match with it. I will get more yarn and do some kind of a scarf, and/or some other kind of neck warmer. But that's going to take time. I'll have to either take the bus as far as I can toward Michaels and then walk (and hope that they have some of the same yarn in the same color) or order it over the internet. I'm thinking internet and waiting is going to win.

I was going to start on the pattern for the mobius hat with the cabled cuff, but didn't have yarn for it on hand, so I ordered it. It's arrived (as announced in a previous post), and I'm thinking of switching over to that series of patterns until I can get the rest of the yarn to finish at least one set.

Here's a photo of the Cabled Cuff Mobius Hat I made for Kyle, and this is sort of what I'm aiming for:

My plan is to keep the same look as this hat (witch was knit in Plymoth Encore Tweed in Grape Jam), and maybe make the instructions a little simpler than the way I knit it originally. I made a pretty simple scarf to go with this, but I want to write instructions more like the cowl above incorporating a cable. I may make the cable on the hat and cowl (and the scarf I want to go with it) a bit different looking. This is going to be a real challenge.

I plan to include a chart to put the heart that's on this hat onto one you might want to knit, but I'm also going to attempt to include instructions to put a star on it instead, so there's an option. So, for instance, if you're knitting these for twins, you could make them slightly different.

I haven't figured out yet how I'm going to do the cable for the cuff on the hat, and I'm thinking about that. I want it to go with the cowl pattern I'm going to write for it, and that's presenting some problems, so I'm starting with the part of the cowl that's going to be fairly plain just to get a feel for the yarn.

I have to say that in spite of being acrylic, the Starlette Tweed yarn I bought from Mary Maxim is just yummy soft in my hands and every bit as pretty as the picture.

I cast on, and then realized this is a heavier worsted weight than the worsted I used for the SKF version, so redid it on fewer stitches. Here's what it looks like now:

I expect to be nearly finished with this section of the cowl by tonight when I give up and go to sleep. It doesn't look like much so far, does it?


There's almost nothing on TV tonight. This is a good evening to break out the DVDs and enjoy things you haven't had a chance to watch in a while.

I watched The Tudors on BBC in America when they had that marathon over the weekend a few weeks ago. The thing I didn't understand about it (and the thing that the people who schedule these things had a problem with, too) is that they numbered the episodes instead of naming them. Then they started numbering from the beginning at the beginning of each season.

So, BBC showed episodes numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 from the first season, and then 6 from the second season, and then continued with 7, etc. from the first season to the end, and then continued with 1, 2, 3, etc. from the second season. Since I didn't understand the numbering system, I recorded and watched the first season (with the exception of #6, which didn't fit with the rest), and didn't record the second season because I thought they were rerunning the batch they chose to show.

Now, each Wednesday, they're showing the episode from the last week, and a new one (which will be shown again next week), etc.

Tonight, they'll be showing episodes 5 and 6 from the first season, which I'm going to record and watch so I can see what I missed.


I'm mostly over whatever was wrong with me last week and over the weekend, but I don't want to push it, so this is all I'm going to write today.

Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. Have you ever posted the pattern for your hat? I have looked everywhere for your hat or the screaming knitfit hat pattern without success. I know this post is over 7 yrs old.