Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Full Moon Saturday Night!

We'll be having a "perigee moon" tomorrow night! It's also called a super full moon, and it will be spectacular if clouds don't get in the way!

The picture comparison at that second link doesn't look like much, but if you watch it rise, you'll notice the difference, even if you're not expecting it to be bigger.

One of the early SCA events I went to was a coronation (March 6, 1993, Cu├ín MacDaige). After the coronation, first court was held outside late in the afternoon, and the moon rose while court was happening. It was also the first Arts and Sciences event that I entered, and I won. It was positively magical!

The photo above is probably real, and would be possible from a distance with a really long lens. It's Le Mont Saint Michel, and I've been there!

I hadn't planned a post today, but I really didn't want you to miss this!

Have a great weekend!

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