Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men. . .

I had plans for yesterday.

I was going to get a lot done.

And then I woke up yesterday, and the whole thing went down the drain!

I opened my eyes, and the whole room was spinning around.

I've heard people say that, and thought they were just a bit dizzy. I had no idea what the actual reality was like. It was like looking straight ahead, and being spun around. The room actually did seem to spin!

Which prompted some vomiting.

Then I tried to get up and so to the bathroom. I nearly fell down at least three times on the way, and it's not far away.

More vomiting.

You can insert more vomiting between each description hereafter.

I called around to: my doctor (who doesn't have office hours on Saturday), and the medical advice line at the VA Hospital in DC. The later told me to go to an emergency room, but cautioned me not to try to drive myself.

Holly came over and took me to the ER at Potomac Hospital.

They tested everything they could think of, including stroke, and decided that I have a cold or something (which I've noticed for the past two weeks or so), and sinusitus, and decided that it was probably causing the vertigo I had. They gave me some medicine while I was there for vertigo and nausea, and I left with a handful of prescriptions for vertigo, nausea, an antibiotic (for the killer post nasal drip I've had, which may have contributed to the problem) and, just for fun, Vallium!

It seems to be working. I don't feel OK, but I feel SO much better than yesterday.

But you can forget about anything useful I planned to do yesterday.


As I mentioned before, The Science Channel will be showing the whole Firefly series, starting at 9 tonight (here--check you local listings). My digital TV guide, and the schedule put up by The Science Channel don't agree. They will be showing the first, two-part episode, Serenity. After that, my digital TV guide says they'll be rerunning those two episodes. The Science Channel guide says they'll be running the first two episodes followed by the third episode, The Train Job, followed by a rerun of the first half of Serenity. Huh?

If they're going to run The Train Job, why not run the next episode, which is Bushwacked? Anyway, if you have a DVR or TiVo, you should record both of them.

I have my TV on The Science Channel, and they've already started running it, so I have to go.

Have a great weekend!

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