Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Murphy's Law Tuesday

Today is the culmination of a few horrible weeks.

I've already detailed most of it, but the additional badness started yesterday, when I tried to deal with the TiVo people.

The TiVo people are going to do what they plan to do, and you can't talk them out of it.

Which would have been OK if they had told me what they intended to do. But they didn't, and trying to get them to do what they said they would do is like trying to talk to a brick wall.

I spent two hours on the phone to them yesterday, and they absolutely refuse to do anything useful.

They charged me at a time when I didn't expect them to (twice) and overdrew my checking account. I'm getting the feeling that they feel like since I have service, they can just help themselves to my money. Since it was through a VISA debit card, I plan to explain to my bank (and probably the local police) that the charges were fraudulent, since they were not what TiVo said they would do. Largely because I don't trust them to refund my money. They say they will, but they've said a lot of other things that they then refused to do.

So, I woke up  today feeling bad again in spite of the antibiotics, slightly dizzy again, a bit sick to my stomach, hungry, but not wanting to eat. And, because of the antibiotics, I immediately ran to the bathroom.

The toilet was running nonstop, and wouldn't flush. I opened the tank, and discovered that the flapper had broken, and was so old that not only had one side of it broken, but it was in a serious state of decomposition.

I got dressed and went downstairs to fill out a service request. They have very strict rules about everything around here. And they keep printing them up and sending them to all the tenants. One of them is that if you want something fixed, you have to appear in person at the front desk, properly dressed, and fill out one of their forms.

So, when I got down there, I was told that I didn't really have to fill out a form. I explained that it was an imminent disaster, and was told it was OK, they'd handle it.

It's not about 2 hours after normal repair hours, and nobody has shown up yet.

So, I'm left with diarrehea and a toilet that has to be hand operated and is about to break completely. Oh, joy!

In the meantime, even though I feel terrible, I now have to pack up the new TiVo and send it back. I expect the packing up to happen today, and the sending back to happen tomorrow. Then on Thursday, since TiVo hasn't really done anything they said they would, and I don't expect them to really refund the money they extorted from me, I'm going to have to deal with the bank, and possibly the police to get VISA to refund the money they took under false pretenses, probably on Thursday, and if there's enough time then, I'll file a complaint with the FTC. That may not happen until Friday, though.

I was going to make this a hilariously funny account of all the things that have happened, but I'm too sick, and too fed up with modern life to be able to muster the energy to do it, let alone get through today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday with a sense of humor that's intact.

I hope you're having a better day than I am.

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