Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Touring Occoquan!

We've had a few days of rain, and will have two more after today, but today was mostly sunny, so I took the opportunity to go to Occoquan and walk around and take some pictures. This will be a post full of photos of Occoquan because of that.

I parked in front of the park, where this cute little gazebo resides. Here's a closer view of the weathervane on top.

Here's a view of two of the shops near the end of the street.

And a close up of the one on the right.

The names of some of the shops and some of the signs that hang outside them are wonderful!

Here's some of the ornate ironwork and other decoration down at that end of the street.

One of the shops had a garden gnome in the window.

Working our way back down the street, here's one of the restaurants.

And the entrance to one of the shops is made to look like a lighthouse.

Nautical things are a favorite theme because the town of Occoquan is right on the Occoquan River. It's pretty small at this point, but gets to be more like a river down further.

The sky was unbelievable today. Full of clouds of all descriptions, many looking like storm clouds!

There's a restaurant that opens to the main street of the town, but also has places where you can dock your boat and dine.

Next to it, is the closest thing that Occoquan has to a strip mall.

The turret on the corner of the "mall" is quite photogenic all by itself, too.

And out in the middle of the river, there's a tiny island.

In the middle of town, there's a courtyard that has another gazebo in it.

They've had a recent building boom and put up some townhouses that are very interesting. Here's a balcony on one of them. You can see a bit of the turret on one of them on the right, too.


I hope you got a chance to see The Event last week and last night! It starts out like it's going to be a good, but standard action adventure movie with a terrorist plot to kill the president, and seconds before the terrorists are about to succeed, it takes an abrupt left turn into science fiction! What would be really good is suddenly fabulous! They'll be rerunning this week's episode on Saturday or Sunday, so you can catch that, at least. Check your TV guides!

Stargate Universe has been having a marathon on the Syfy channel all day today, and will show the season premier tonight! Don't miss it!

No Ordinary Family is premiering as I write this. I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was so late!

I have to get going so I can watch all this!


Tomorrow, I'll be spending the whole day at the VA Hospital in DC, getting my ears checked, and, if I'm lucky, maybe they'll be able to adjust the right one and get that working so I can hear something in that ear. If I'm really lucky, they might be able to fix the left one!

So, you probably won't hear anything from me tommorrow!

In the meantime, have fun!

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