Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's 911 Again!

It's September 11th, the anniversary of one of the saddest days in American history.

When I got to work that day, Lee said that one of my co-workers told her to turn on the radio. I asked which station, and she said it didn't matter.

I spent the whole work day sitting and working while I listened to the radio and cried. Interspersed with a panicked call to Holly to tell her to evacuate! She answered the phone a moment before she was out the door.

Before I say anything else, there's an article I want you to read.

Do it now!

The whole world should read this!

Aside from that, if you want to do something to commemorate the day, here's an assignment for you: Do some research, and decide for yourself who is responsible for the whole mess.

I'll give you some clues. I went to see the damage at the Pentagon after the "plane crashed into it." There was a three ring circus of firefighters and paramedics and rescue equipment with tents and shelter for victims, but there was NO evidence of any kind that a plane had been there! They really didn't have time to clear away the debris of a plane, and the idea that it vaporized is ludicrous! If the plane could have vaporized, the debris of the building that was strewn everywhere would have vaporized, too! I'm not trained in these things, but I have to say that it looked like the Pentagon had been bombed! For those of you out there who couldn't get to the Pentagon to see it right away, that's the observation of an ordinary person who witnessed the aftermath. Here's some other eyewitness information, which seems to contradict what I saw.

Do an investigation of your own. If you're reading this today, tune in to the History Channel. They're doing an almost non-stop series of shows on the 911 tragedy. I saw a good show on the History channel a while ago about it. They presented both sides of the controversy, and included the defense that the US government was putting up, and I have to say that the US government convinced me, with their protests, that they had a lot to do with the fiasco. Their defense that the buildings couldn't have possibly been demolished by carefully controlled explosives was particularly hard to believe.

I watched a documentary by demolitions experts long before that, and have a surface understanding of the problems of leveling a building without destroying everything around them. It's not easy. If not done very carefully, buildings tend to fall sideways and take out other nearby buildings. Only professionally destroyed buildings go straight down like both of the twin towers.

Another point that you should consider is that our fearless leader George W Bush changed his plans at the last minute, and instead of staying in DC, went to Florida, where it was safe.

I want to point you toward all kinds of evidence, but you'll have to look it up and come to your own conclusions. Anything I say won't have the impact of what you discover for yourself.

Happy hunting!


From building bombing to yarn bombing, let's change the pace to something happier!

This is an article about yarn storming that seems to be pretty good, but lacks photos. Here's an article about the most outrageous phone booth you may ever see. Here we have more yarn bombing, but not too much in the way of photos.

So, I found some photos myself.

Whatever you do today, have a good day, and don't miss the season finale of Being Human tonight on BBC America!

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