Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Robert DesRoches!

Yesterday, or early today, my ex-husband, Steve, put this up on his Facebook page:

For anyone who hasn't heard through Harlie: Robert Darin DesRoches was born perfect at 7:29PM Sunday September 19. Mother and Son are both doing fine, and will be home by Thursday

Here's a photo of the happy dad and his new son:

What a head of hair that kid has! 

Best wishes to Steve, Harlie, and Robert!


The season premier of Chuck was on tonight, and it was the usual Chuck wonderfulness! I meant to get this post up well before it came on, but time got away from me.

I saw a half-hour show on NBC over the weekend, and it was just one big advertisement of the NBC Fall season. According to that show, the whole Fall season will be terrible! Even the trailer for Chuck was bad. If I hadn't seen the show, I never would have bothered to tune in. All the trailers were a series of two second cuts of action scenes, interspersed with an occasional 5 second cut with a few words of dialog. In other words, it was a half hour of them barraging you with nonsensical junk! Chuck is apparently the only thing worth watching on NBC for the forseeable future.

Tomorrow, there will be a Warehouse 13 marathon on Syfy during the day, followed by what is probably really the season finale of Warehouse 13 in the evening. I'll be sad that the season's over for it. I really enjoy Warehouse 13!


I've been working on the wrap from the Fall Vogue Knitting, and what little of the front of it looks marvelous! Since it's colorwork, the back, of course, is a mess! Photos soon!

Right now, I just want to get this post up!

Have a teriffic Tuesday!

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