Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miscellaneous Middle of the Week

I don't have a real direction for a post today, but a lot of random thoughts, so I'm starting this and will add more thoughts throughout the day.


I watched some of the 911 documentaries on the History Channel on Saturday, and saw for the first time the film of George W. Bush when he was informed initially about what was happening. It was on film because he was with a bunch of grade school kids in Florida and they were already filming it.

When informed, he looked thoughtful for a moment, and then nodded as if to say "OK, everything's on schedule." and that was all. I know he was in front of a bunch of kids and probably didn't want to scare them, but I would have at least expected a momentary look of surprise if he hadn't known what would happen in advance.


I'm getting so excited about going to the Fall Fiber Fest on the second of October! I just can't wait!

I found a free pattern for one of the most beautiful and unusual scarves (and yarns) ever! You can find the information here, but you'll have to sign up for a free membership to get the free pattern. To act as an incentive, here are photos of it:

The yarn is what makes this so beautiful, and it's a new yarn out by Bernat called Mosaic. I saw the actual yarn at AC Moore and at JoAnn Fabrics.

They also have a beautiful hat pattern (which doesn't appear to be free) for the same yarn. The hat is done in a different color than the scarf, but you could certainly do them in the same color. The hat pattern also has a matching scarf pattern.

The pattern for this is in the booklet section, and it appears you have to buy it, although it's out of stock. If you buy the mosaic yarn, you'll find many patterns on the ball band, so you might want to check that out first. It looks like this yarn would look fabulous in entrelac!

The photos they show of the different colors really don't give you much of an idea of how they'll ultimately look, so if you click the free patterns tab or the booklet tab, you can see other patterns (which you might or might not like) that will give you a better idea of how the colors look made up. The scarf pattern I showed first is made in Ambrosia, and the hat is made in Mosaic, and I have a hard time deciding which I like better. There's also the Ninja colorway, which I love, too. Here it is made into a cowl:


There's a contest that's just started to win a Macintosh Trackpad! Of course, I entered immediately! Click the link and enter!


He's back! The season premier of Chuck will be on Monday! It looks like it may be the first or one of the first programs back for the new Fall Season!

As far as TV tonight goes, it's time to break out the DVDs! Nothing worth watching at all!

But tomorrow night, it picks up with the season premier of The Vampire Diaries (OK, so Chuck wasn't the first, after all). At the same time as that, the last two episodes of Fringe will be on in preparation for next week's premiere, and also reruns of The Big Bang Theory leading up to next week's premiere. Three things on at once, and I want to see all of them! Hard choices!

Dig out a DVD and have a great evening!

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