Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well, we went to the RenFaire yesterday and it was wonderful! As usual!

The weather has been dry for a while, and the ground was not only dry, it was like a fine powder, about a quarter inch deep, and it quickly coated not only shoes, bottoms of pants and other things near the ground, but everything, even faces! In fact, there's a lot of evidence that I breathed a lot of it in and the inside of lungs are probably coated with it. I could barely breath to sleep last night, and my nose is running.

But let's get to the fun part: the photos!

I showed off my new camera, and almost everyone who looked at it took my photo with it. See, Lynn, you did good!

I like the first one better.

Here is a series of photos of the people who went:

That's Holly in the front with Robin behind her.

I think that's a really great photo of the two of them.

A close-up of Robin.

This is a really good one of Robin.

Robin is waiting to try a swing-a-mallet-and-ring-the-bell game.

And a view of swinging the mallet.

This is Everett sitting in the crab chair (more about that later).

Here's Jeff and Everett.

I tried to take some photos of Aston, but they all came out blurs. That's the problem of trying to photograph children: they never stand still. He wore the hood I knitted for him for christmas, and almost made me sorry I'd made it. I was afraid he was going to have heat stroke, but he refused to take it off! So, I guess I found something he liked. He brought along a sword that Jeff bought him a few years ago, but it's pretty bashed up. Ashton and his cousin have play sword fights all the time, and they've nearly destroyed this sword. So Jeff bought him a new one at the faire.

I also took some random photos of architectural details (the buildings are so neat) and other interesting things, and I think they'll all be self evident, so here are the photos.

Well, I have two more photos, but Blogger is refusing to load them, so they'll have to wait for tomorrow.

But we all had a fabulous time and came home tired but happy.

Instead of Holly driving me home last night, they gave me the use of the car while they're trying to sell it. So I drove home myself. I'd love to go somewhere today now that I can, but my breathing is bad from all the dust at the RenFaire, and my muscles are complaining about all they did yesterday! I'm going to have to walk more so I don't feel so bad from it.


End of season finales that are on tonight include: Warehouse 13 (Syfy), White Collar (USA), and Covert Affairs (USA).

I hope your long Labor Day weekend was as much fun as mine! And I hope you're having a fun, short week!

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