Friday, September 3, 2010

Eclectic Friday

As I mentioned before, Holly and Robin went four wheeling over the weekend. I have some photos of their new vehicle.

As you can see, they had lots of fun and got very muddy. I mention the muddy part because they managed to get mud in through the sunroof on top of them.


Monday, I got frustrated with the way that the new knitting didn't match the old knitting on the Celtic sweater (I changed needle sizes), and frogged the rest of it. Well, most of the rest of it. There's still a little bit of the hood that needs to come apart, but I hit the nine-hour mark on frogging it, and couldn't stand it anymore. I figured I'll be more willing to rip the rest of it when I've gotten to a point where I need to.

So, Wednesday, I started over completely from scratch, and as of yesterday morning, this is how much I'd gotten done:

That's the band for the front of the hood. The two stitch markers are holding stitches to be continued once I've picked up the stitches along the edge of the band.

In most places, I'll be casting on using waste yarn and picking up those stitches later, or putting bits on stitch holders to pick up later. When I'm done, there won't be any cast on edges left in the whole thing, and the only bind offs will be at the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the sweater. Actually, I think those stitches I cast on with the blue waste yarn at one end of the band are the only cast on stitches in the whole thing. No, wait, I'll be putting a band on the edges of the pockets, and that will involve casting on a few stitches.

Here's a photo of the hood today when I woke up. The stitches from the holders have been picked up and continued into the knot that will be on the top of the hood when worn, or in the back when the hood is down. It will look roughly like the old one.


For all you Steve Canyon fans, John has a new post up on the Steve Canyon blog! New and exciting things are happening. Don't miss it!


There's not a whole lot on TV this weekend. And that's saying a lot (actually, it's saying a very little) considering that the weekend is three days long. Once again, most of the TV stations have decided that most of us will either be going somewhere for the weekend, or will be out in the back yard, barbequeing some steaks, so they decided it would be wasteful to put on anything that someone might actually want to watch.

So, go somewhere this weekend or incinerate something!

Have fun, though, whatever you do!

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