Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Sunny Sunday

The snow stopped sometime last night. I think we got about 4 inches. And it's been clear, sunny and beautiful today.


For all you Steve Canyon fans out there, there's a new post up on the blog, all about George Stover and his help with the project.

So, get on over to the Steve Canyon blog and read all about it!

George was in Invader, which I worked on, and he sat in front of me in a scene in New Genesis (aka Twilight of the Dogs).

Here's George in Twilight. He's the second from the left in the front. My friend, Wendy Joines is directly behind him from your viewpoint, and I'm to your right of Wendy.

It's funny about the names of films. Every film has a working title, and when it's done it gets a final release title. Sometimes the final title sticks, sometimes it doesn't. The working title for Invader was The Killing Edge. The moment I heard the name Invader, though, I stopped calling it anything else.

Twilight, on the other hand will, it seems, always be Twilight to me. When I do refer to it as New Genesis, I always have to stop for just a second and think first before I say it, whereas Twilight just pops out with no thought whatsoever!


Speaking of names, here is a batch of the funniest jokes about the most famous name from the last week. All this was hysterically funny earlier in the week, but it's wearing thin already.


Io9 has a post up about the Dollhouse finale on Friday. They don't seem to think that Dollhouse is over.

I hope they're right!


The CW will be showing two episodes of Legend of the Seeker tonight. The first one will feature Jolene Blaylock, and, judging from something on Attack of the Show, the second one will, too. Check your local schedules and check it out!


Everett sent me six emails, each with 50 photos (that's 300 photos, folks!) of the RenFair and other stuff. Once I have a chance to wade through them, I'll start getting some of them up on the blog.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Brace yourself! Here comes the week and a new month! May you have a wonderful one!

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  1. Invader was originally called NEMESIS at the very beginning...but was soon replaced by the aforementioned title THE KILLING EDGE, which was a line from a film that I did for the US Army just before that.

    Didja know that?