Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad! I Don't Want to Comment on the Name, but I Can't Help It!

Well, the iPad has been announced today!

For those of you who didn't see it (like me), G4 has announced that they will show the announcement presentation on Attack of the Show tomorrow at 7 pm (Eastern). Check your local listings.

In spite of not seeing the original announcement, I've heard lots about it.

Particularly it's name.

One of the comments was about if you repeat Mac's iPad over and over quickly, it sounds like maxipad!

Alyssa Milano tweeted: "iPad. Let the feminine hygiene parodies begin." In her next tweet, she referred to it as "iTampon" and provided this link. You really have to read all the comments, all the way to the end!

In an attempt to change the subject of the giggling, somebody tweeted that Steve Jobs had opened with "I'm Steve Jobs, and I invented Windows 7!" The tweeter mentioned that he thought that was improbable, thereby revealing that he didn't get the joke at all, i.e., that previous Windows systems have been so bad that Steve expected this one to be, too, and that it would make people want to use a Mac.

In an attempt to stop giggling, you can find some of what Apple has to say about their new device here. The technical specifications are here. More info here.

I was thinking that the new device would be more like a tablet notebook, and I was really looking forward to it. This seems more like an overgrown iTouch, though, not a computer. If you read down to the bottom, though, you'll see that it does provide closed captioning support! It kind of cements the idea that it's an entertainment device, not a real computer, though.

But if you really think you want one, and you're on Twitter, check this out!


In other (science) news, Holly sent me this link to a photo of the Aurora, which happened to illuminate something else! This is amazing, if true. I have a hard time believing that there is any satellite that looks that large from earth, though.


Holly also sent me this link to information on the last two Harry Potter movies.

Harry in 3D? I'm not too sure what I think of this. The last thing I saw in 3D was that episode of Chuck, which gave me a headache, and it didn't matter if I used the glasses or not, it still gave me a headache. And it didn't really look 3D, even with the glasses. And the glasses made a lot of the picture difficult or impossible for me to see. I really think I'd rather see it in time-tested 2D.


It was sunny and beautiful today, and I went out and walked around just to walk around. They're predicting snow for Saturday, so Winter will be back soon, and I wanted to grab this opportunity while I had the chance.

Unfortunately, that made me late to get this post up, and the shows I want to watch are already on.

Oh, and I went for my last visit to the dentist. He checked things out, made a very minor adjustment, and I'm done until next year, when they'll clean my teeth. I have new, beautiful front teeth, and I deliberately went out and bought food that I need to bite into to eat! I haven't had the nerve to try an apple yet, though.

Have a wonderful evening and a better day tomorrow!

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