Friday, January 22, 2010

Miscellaneous Friday

There's not a lot going on at the moment, just a few minor things.

I'll try and get photos of knitted Christmas presents up here real soon, now.

I found a free pattern you might be interested in for a Valentines Day mug cozy. This, unlike most "cozies" seems to have an actual purpose. Not only is it decorative, but it will keep the mug contents warm (or cold).


Caprica will be premiering tonight on SyFy! Check your local listings!

HBO will be doing it's own version of Conan the Barbarian, and they've chosen Jason Momoa for the title role!

The Questor Tapes is in the early stages of a comeback! It was originally a Gene Roddenbery show, and very good, but it has the potential to be even better. Good luck!


Speaking of Conan and Barbarians, I got my copy of Maureen Birnbaum: Barbarian Swordsperson in the mail today. George Alec Effinger wrote a batch of short stories about Maureen, and how she suddenly disappeared from earth, and wound up on another planet and discovered that she was a barbarian swordswoman. Her adventures in other dimension/on other planets have been faithfully recorded by her friend, Bitsy, and collected into one volume for my reading pleasure! I've read some of the stories, and they're too funny for words. I can't wait to read the rest of the stories. I'm pretty sure that the first story I read about Maureen was in Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear, which is a collection of short stories based on moms and the way they act and the things they say. The stories have names like Your Face Will Freeze Like That, and Don't Put That In Your Mouth, You Don't Know Where It's Been, and What's the Magic Word? and they're wonderful!

The title is based on the cliche "Don't forget your sweater, dear," with the definition of sweater being "A garment a small child wears because it's mother is cold." It's a great science fiction book for anybody who is a mom or has had a mom. And there's also a story in there that's one of my all-time favorites about someone who saves a whole world by knowing how to spin!


On a completely different tack, here's a health warning for everyone. Studies have shown that non-stick surfaces on cookware and non-stain fabrics can have adverse health effects on your thyroid gland. And, speaking as someone who has hypothyroidism, you don't want to harm your thyroid gland in any way, believe me!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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