Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eleventh Day of Christmas

I want to thank the anonymous person who commented about the last post and the Hindenburg disaster. I had never before seen a color photo of the accident, and was quite surprised to find the one that I posted. As it turns out, no color photos were taken and the one I posted was colorized. I chose it because it had color in it, although I have to say that what I saw was much more brightly colored than the photo, largely because that photo was originally black and white.

And I have to say that the original event was much brighter than the photo!


I've been meaning to mention that I talked to Holly on the phone the other day, and we made a deal about something.

Once I get some things rearranged and make some space, I plan to put up a table (which I don't have yet) in a yet-to-be-determined location in my apartment. I'm leaning toward putting it in the bedroom because I expect it to be messy a lot of the time, and the bedroom location would allow me to just shut the door and block the view of the clutter. Anyway, I plan to put my sewing machine on it so that I can get back to making clothes.

The deal is that once this is done, Holly and I will plan a project for her, and buy the materials and I will make it for her. Then we'll plan a comparable project for me, she'll buy the materials, and I'll make something for me. Etc. Some projects will be sewn, some may be knitted, some may be a combination.

She has the money, but not the time, while I have the time, but not the money. That way, we will both get spiffy wardrobes.

I woke up yesterday morning with a project for her completely designed in my head. I'll let you know about it after I talk to her and it's approved.

I'm excited, though.


I was checking Twitter today and came across an article that I think everyone should read. It's about how to deal with doctors. If you think there's a possibility that you could ever become sick or that anyone you know could become sick, this is required reading. I strongly encourage you to read it.


For all you ladies out there, here's a link to some nice beefcake! There's some great SF info on the site, too, so even if you don't like Kevin Sorbo, you will be interested in this!

There's a lot more on the site, and if you like that, you might want to follow Kevin Sorbo's website. That first link mentions a new series he's in on SyFy, but doesn't give any other information about it.

I did a search on the SyFy Channel's site, but didn't find anything. I guess we'll hear about it eventually.

Have a great evening (don't miss Heroes) and get ready to Twelfth Night tomorrow!

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