Saturday, January 16, 2010

Red Alert! Red Alert!

Blogger, which has been a great place to blog until today, in it's wisdom, decided that it should remove everything I put up there for your and my convenience. So, almost everything in my sidebar is GONE!

I'm going to fix this as quickly as I can, but for the time being, you can't find the free patterns, or a lot of other great links.

I am so angry I could spit nails!


Check out the article about a Wonder Woman sweater here! You can get the general instructions (more of a recipe) here. All I can say is--WOW!

These general instructions would work well to make other types of superhero sweaters, too, so if you want a sweater for some other hero, here's your chance!


Learn to design a shawl! If you've always wanted to design your own knitwear, this is the best time to start! I have a pattern on Etsy for a simple triangular shawl that you can make out of any weight yarn you want to use. It's less a pattern than it is instructions on how to design your own. I've talked to a few people who have bought this pattern, and I've gotten rave reviews, along with a batch of photos of finished shawls. The best thing about these photos is that all of them are very different!

The two above are ones I've made from the pattern, and the one below was made by a friend from the pattern.

Of course, whatever shawl you make from the pattern will be perfect for you.

And any sales of the pattern before or on the 28th of February will get half the price ($3) donated to Doctors Without Borders (in the name of the person who buys the pattern) for help in Haiti. I am about to list that information on Ravelry, so you will be able to find the pattern in their special section soon.


I have so many things to do at the moment. Listing the pattern on Ravelry, fixing my blog (which will be done a bit at a time over a period of time), and lots more.

I hope you're having a great weekend!



I found out what's happening. Blogger has been publishing my posts to a different blog! I've found the posts and put them up in this blog, so I'm up to date, although some of the posts have the wrong time and date on them.


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