Monday, August 24, 2009


When I was a child, I remember reading a poem in a book of fairytales or something. It went like this:
"Oranges and lemons" said the bells of St. Clements.
"You owe me five farthings" said the bells of St Martin's.
"When will you pay me?" said the Bells of Old Bailey.
"When I grow rich." said the bells of Shoreditch.
"When will that be?" said the bells of Stepney.
"I do not know." said the great bells of Bow.
This live London yarnstorm was brought to you by the Knit the City. Mischief managed. Off to pub.
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!
This was a series of posts on Twitter from knitthecity. A person's name is not given for this twitterer, and I suspect that it's actually used by a group of people. See more about knitthecity here.
I can tell you about yarnstorming, graffiti knitting, yarnbombing, gritting (contraction of graffiti knitting) etc. Actually, the name "graffiti knitting" explains it all.
I was going to put another example of gritting in here, but Blogger won't let me upload another photo. At least I got all of them from the sequence in here. I'll post the other photo another time.
I hope you haven't missed Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family. It'll be continuing today. And Eragon will be on right before it, so check it out!
Later tonight, there will be a special treat on for all the fans of Dead Like Me! The SyFy Channel will be showing Dead Like Me: Life After Death at 9 pm here. Check local listings.
I have just a few more rounds to go on the sixth sock for Kyle. Only two more for a total of four pair! I have to take a break and knit the hat I said I would do before the end of the month.
Have a great weekend!
There will be two more episodes of Merlin on tonight, and this really will be the season finale! Don't miss them!
The second episode shown last week was really good.
OK, I know it featured a unicorn, but it was a very medieval type of story, depending on Arthur behaving in a noble manner to fix the problems he got into by behaving badly. There's so much about this that has nothing to do with the Arthur saga, but if you ignore that (and I know it's hard to do), it does have it's moments!


Another Addition:

This was actually written on Sunday and the posting was postponed to give the folks at Knit the City a chance to get their posting up first.

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