Monday, August 31, 2009


This is about two kinds of dreams.

Night before last, I had a dream that I was in the process of re-renting the house where I used to live in France. In it's own, crazy, dream-like way, it didn't make a lot of sense. The place was very different from when I lived there (in the dream), but I was very happy just to be there. It's probably the neatest place I've ever lived in. I really loved it there. It was just like Snow White's cottage in the Disney film, except that the roof was slate instead of thatch.

The second dream is one that I had ages ago, not too long after lotteries became legal. There was a really big prize (for then) and I planned a bouse I'd like to build on a rather large piece of property. The property would be big enough for some rather long driveways, which might be confused with roads, and which I would name. I haven't got names for all of the streets yet, but I do have at least one place name.

The house would be a large, rambling, Tudor style home. Yes, I know that Tudor homes didn't ramble, but this one would have a section that went out at an angle, and it would lead to a large garage. Because of my experience in France, I'd want a wall around the front yard, creating a large, mostly paved area where cars could be parked as well as garaged.

For anyone out there who doesn't know what a Tudor style house is, here is a kind of generic example. Some of the classic signs are the exposed timber framing with stucco filling in, steep roofs, doors with curved tops, etc.

The general layout I had in mind is more like this, only flopped, with the garage on the right, so that the house would be on the left as you entered the mews, with the garage straight ahead.

The kitchen and bedrooms on the first floor (which would probably only be mine) would have adjacent enclosed gardens. The kitchen garden would have a table and chairs or benches for dining outdoors, and there would be herbs being grown as well as plants that attract hummingbirds.

The living and dining rooms would be able to be opened between them so that the whole area could be used as a large dining hall so that I could host SCA events there. And, of course, the living room would have a large bay window to put a Christmas tree in, and a fireplace to hang stockings.

Oh, and there will be a library on the first floor, plus a room set aside for fiberarts in addition to the kitchen and great room, which would really be an area for living in.

Since then, I've thought that there might be another house on the other side of the mews so that Holly and Robin could live there or visit there or it could be used for guests. Of course, there would be enough room for them to live in the main house (which needs a name) with me, but I want them to have privacy if they want it. Oh, and there would be a workshop there for Robin or anyone else who wanted to use it.

The mews would, of course, be named Stable Mews, and the main house would be number 10, because 10 Stable Mews was John Steed's address.

There would also be an airstrip behind the house with a hangar for a light plane and a batch of ultralights. Here's a sample of what an ultralight looks like, for those who don't know.

And, of course, there would also be a batch of motorcycles for whoever wanted to ride, since there would be roads on the property, plus some good off-road riding places. One or two cafe racers, and at least four enduros for on/off road riding.

Oh and there would be a guest house modeled after the house I rented in France.

I currently have a lottery ticket that I haven't checked which has a top prize of $330 million dollars, which would be divided between me and five of my friends/relatives. I haven't checked it because I'm having so much fun with the dream.

I hope you have some great dreams, too, and a wonderful week coming up!



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