Thursday, August 27, 2009

Catch-Up Thursday

Christopher Gorham found another Fairy Door in Ann Arbor at the Jefferson Market and Cakery and published this photo via Twitter. You can follow him here.

You can read a long and complicated story about the fairy doors at Jefferson Market here. Check it out. It's really worth the read. And when you think you've read it all, keep scrolling down to the bottom. It looks like it ends, but there's more.


There's a review up for the Steve Canyon series in French! You can read an English translation of it here! It's actually gone through a translation process, and some of it is quite amusing after being dragged into English.

The good part about this for many people will be the listings of which planes appear in each episode. This is particularly interesting to me because I was in the Air Force right after the series was on TV, and we had many of the planes that appear in the series right on base where I got to see them up close, sometimes too close.


Today is a kind of "finish up projects" day. I have ends to darn in on Kyle's socks, and a Quant to finish.

This is where I am at the moment. The photo does not show the nuances and subtleties of the beautiful yarn from Knit Fit Knitting. There is some black and very dark brown, along with a bit of tan, but there are touches of a rich lavender through it, too.

I plan to have the knitting finished sometime today, and then I'll have overnight to block it, and it will need blocking. Each one of those entrelac squares wants to curl up! But it's turning out to be really beautiful! This is a pattern that you really have to pay attention to what you're doing, but it doesn't strike me as particularly difficult. I would have started the entrelac IN entrelac instead of in stockinet stitch with set-up triangles, but that's just me. It's a sample, and needs to be knit according to a free pattern on the internet, so I have to knit it according to the pattern, not "improve" it like I usually do to patterns that other people write.

Some people get a pattern and follow it to the letter, whereas I think of it more as a "suggestion."

Here's a photo of where I am on the very last sock for Kyle:

Probably about half way to the heel, and possibly finished by this weekend!

So, I'm going to sit and watch the last two episodes of Royal Pains that are on during the day today and finish up the Quant and darn in ends. If you've been watching it, the season finale will be on tonight.

Have a great day!

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