Friday, August 14, 2009

Wedding Story

A fellow Tweep just put up a tweet about a woman who owns a flock of sheep, and made their fleeces into a beautiful wedding dress. You really ned to read the whole article and see the photos! The dress is unbelievably wonderful!


Not much going on here at the moment. I've started on the fourth sock (of eight) for Kyle, and I'm up to the heel flap.

I have today and tomorrow before I'm one year older on Sunday, and I'll be spending today quietly, mostly knitting.

Tomorrow, Holly and I are going out. We'll be going to JoAnn Fabrics to get some supplies for a project she's making for Robin. We'll also be going to Olive Garden for dinner. I'm going to talk her into taking me to WalMart, too. And I'm really thinking seriously of giving myself a land line telephone (with wifi) for my birthday to supplement the computer. It will be so much fun!


There's a new Eureka on SyFy tonight, and they'll also be showing episodes of Ghost Whisperer sometime over the Labor Day weekend.

Have a great weekend! I know I will!



Read about how wonderful a pair of socks can be here!

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