Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Fairy Doors!

Chris Gorham posted more photos of fairy doors he's found:

This next one is a fairy ticket window, with tickets to A Midsummer Night's Dream.

I got a laugh out of that one.


My new computer arrived yesterday, almost at the end of the time that FedEx delivers. But it did arrive. I spent last evening reading the documantation.

Yes, I know, who reads the manuals? Well, I've done a lot with computers in my life, but aside from a brush with PCs in the public library, all of my experience is with Macs. I can do anything with a Mac, but PCs are a whole new thing for me, and there is a lot to learn.

I plugged my iMac into the internet without a thought or care. But I feel that I need some protection against viruses with the new one. Oh, and the "documentation" for the bluetooth, and some of the rest of it, is on CD! I'm really annoyed that they would send discs to reinstall the OS, and the documentation on CD to go with a computer that doesn't have a CD drive! This is a serious mistake!

Once I get it in touch with the internet, I have to download some software so that the computer can actually do something, too. So, it's not a matter of just opening it up and turning it on and going.


Well, I'm past the heel and the gusset (in two more rows) for Kyle's third sock. There will be four pair of socks in all, so I still have a five more after this one. Photos soon. Actually, photos will probably go in my comfortable sock pattern, which will be up soon.


I'm really feeling the let-down, now that I've finished reading the Mediator books. They're so great, but they're done. I always feel that way after reading a really great series of books.

While I was putting together the links for the books in the last post, though, I noticed another series by Meg Cabot, and I think I'll check and see if the library has them. The series is 1-800-Where-R-You. As mentioned, I haven't read any of them yet, but plan to look for the first one, When Lightning Strikes, right away.

Well, while trying to find the books on my local library website, I found out a lot about Meg Cabot. They don't have those books by Meg Cabot, but they do have them written by Jenny Caroll! She writes under several pen names, and the books have been printed under both names! I find that quite surprising! Not that she has a pen name, but that the books are published under both names.


For all you knitters out there, here are some neat photos I came across that I think you'd enjoy. This is something to think about because Halloween is coming up soon from the perspective of knitting something to wear.

I have to run. Lots to do!

There's a new Leverage on tonight!

Have a great evening!

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