Monday, August 10, 2009

Persieds Meteor Shower!

After three weekdays since being shipped through FedEx, my tracking number is still not in the system for the package with my computer in it. I'd like to go out and do something, but I'm worried about not being home when it's delivered.
I know that I didn't pay all that much for it, but it's a lot of money for me to pay for anything.
So, I'm worried about when it will arrive (and will I be right here to get it?), and how it's going to perform once it arrives. Will it do what I hope it will? According to reviews by other people who have one, yes, it will. But there are so many questions I have about it that won't be resolved until it arrives.
In the next couple of days, the Persieds Meteor Shower will be happening. Actually, it's already happening, but it will reach it's height on the 12th.
You can find viewing tips here. Scroll down to Persieds.
Find more information about it here.
I'm really excited about it all! The shooting stars have long been one of my favorite parts of Pennsic, and I'm really sorry that they moved the dates forward so that I would miss the best of it even if I could go.
The Hugo Awards were last night, but you know that if you've been following me on Twitter or checked this blog last night and got Neil Gaiman's first-hand reactions to winning Best Novel for The Graveyard Book.
Congratulations, Neil and all the other winners!
Have a great evening tonight, and get out there tomorrow night and watch some shooting stars!



More information on the Hugo Awards!

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