Saturday, April 4, 2009


Torchwood is back on BBC in America! It's in reruns, starting with the first episode, starting today.

The very first episode ever, Everything Changes, with be shown at 8:00 pm here, and then again at 11. As always, you should check your local schedule. Catch it today, or miss it!

They're also rerunning Doctor Who episodes. This week, they're showing Planet of the Ood. As always, check your schedules!


I just finished the toe of the first of two Christmas stockings. There's still the back to seam, and the border at the top to sew down, ends to darn in, and either stars or pom poms to go with the loop for hanging to go. Photos soon!

It's a quiet, but very windy Saturday here. It makes me want to stay inside.

Have a great weekend!

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