Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I ordered three things over the Internet and two of them arrived yesterday and were both wonderful and disappointing.

The first was a corded headset for my G1 phone. It came, and it had a USB plug (as promised), but I discovered that there are a lot of different USB plugs on the market, and if I want to use this, I'll need an adapter. It has the original USB plug on it, and my phone uses a different one, I think mini B. See this explanation, and scroll down to "Types of USB connector." So I can't use it yet.

The other order was from Knit Picks, and it's the first time that everything wasn't superlative about my order.

I bought some of their stitch markers, the flexible ones and the ones that look like little safety pins, and they're both wonderful. The stitch markers look like dark purple in the catalog and online, but the ones that look like white are really a pretty shade of grayed-out lavendar. I got a set of their double ended crochet hooks, and they're great, too.

The problem came with the black lace weight yarn that I ordered. It looked black in the catalog, and black on the screen on their site, but when it arrived, although it was very dark, it was green!

Green really wasn't what I had in mind.

I have to return it.

So, I don't have yarn to start knitting the shawl I wanted to knit.

I'm bummed about that.

The quickest thing would be to return the yarn for a refund, and place a whole new order. But that requires more money. And time.


I watched Arabian Nights on SciFi today for the first two hours. It's recorded on my DVR, so I'll get a chance to see it later. The SciFi Channel is having movies on all week during the day.

Fringe is back tonight with a new episode!

Also new tonight is Reaper. And there's also a rerun of The Mentalist.

I have lots of stuff to do today, so I'm going to cut this short.

Have a great evening!

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  1. Hope you're still liking Reaper. We are, and we're pitching in on a campaign to save the show. And chatting about it, too, at reaperdmv.com. Join us if you'd like! Enjoy your blog!