Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday to all those of you out there who are celebrating it.

I really intended to post yesterday, and never got around to it.

One of the things I wanted to say then was that Vicki Howell is having another contest! So get on over there and enter to get one of her books. I already have!


I finished the leg on the second Christmas stocking, and also the first of two socks from the yarn that I bought at AC Moore. I have been using it as a carry-around project while I was working on the Christmas stocking, which is not something I want to try to knit on the bus. I need to cast on for the other sock so that I'll still have a carry-around project.

The stocking, by the way, still needs a couple of ends darned in and then it's switch to knitting in the round, when it will be a mindless project like the sock. In fact, that part of it is exactly like the sock.


I'm starting to get excited about the Sparkly Shawl (see Wednesday's post). The yarn is in the mail, and I think the new crochet hook I ordered from Etsy is probably on its way by now, too. Now all I need is the beads. There's always tomorrow for that. 

Holly was sick last week. Her voice sounded bad over the phone. But she's feeling much better now, and we plan to go do something tomorrow. I'm hoping to get beads. She sounded pretty outraged that I would want to drive all the way to Tyson's Corner, which is where Beadazzled is, so I guess we might go to the new bead store in Occoquan. If not, we'll probably stop at JoAnn Fabrics. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing all the beads in the store that I have been thinking about and/or considering for the shawl.


I hope that any Moonlight fans out there got to catch it on the SciFi Channel last night. If you missed it, there is another one on tonight.

There's also a new Dollhouse and a new Ghost Whisperer.

Usually, around Easter time there are some Biblical movies on, but there's nothing this year before Sunday, and you'll have to look to find them.

Have a great weekend!

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