Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maryland Faerie Festival

I'm still here.

I just got distracted by a lot of things yesterday, and then today I went over the new, super-duper JoAnn Fabrics to look at beads. I ordered the wool/silk laceweight yarn from Knit Picks earlier this week, and it shipped on Wednesday, so it will be here soon. I chose the one with some silk so that it would be more likely to have a bit of shine. 

I can't wait.

I did buy some beads while I was at JoAnn. I first decided to get the ones with the silver lining in lavender. Well, kind of a soft, warm lavender.

But then I walked around a bit looking at other things and when I went back to look at the ones I'd chosen, I changed my mind and went with some beads that are overall lavender, but also have a lot of blue, green and even yellow in them. They're called "rainbow" beads, and I think this will work better. 

If I choose the solid lavender ones and they don't match the yarn, it could look bad. But these are guaranteed to not match the yarn, although they'll look very good with it, I think.

I also got some jump rings, a size 12 steel crochet hook (to apply the beads), and a copy of the new Vogue Knitting.

I should mention here, that although it's after midnight, it's still really  Friday for me. So everything I'm going to write will be with the perspective that it's Friday.

Except for one thing. Two weeks from Saturday is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! It's really sneaking up on me. Lynn will be coming down from New Jersey and staying with me, and that'll really be fun. Maybe not as much fun for her as she was hoping , though. Thursday, she has an appointment with the dentist to have a tooth pulled. When that happens to me, I'm not really happy about it even two days later.

Back to Friday. It went up over sixty degrees here, and was the first day it really looked like Spring around here. We've had a string of chilly. wet, rainy, overcast days.

I know, I know. Downtown, in DC, the Cherry Blossom festival is in full swing. But that's downtown. The cherry blossoms are just starting to come out around here, and there are trees smothered in white, pink and deep pink flowers. And the magnolias have started to come out. I saw dozens of magnolia trees from the window of the bus today.


I found out about a new festival that I didn't even know about. It's the Maryland Faerie Festival, and it was recommended by Dancing Pig Pottery as the best festival ever! It will be happening on the 16th and 17th of May. Should I put it on my calendar? Yes! I should!

Putting it on my calendar doesn't mean that I'll actually get there, but it's possible.

I've got to go. It's after midnight here.

Have a great weekend!

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