Monday, April 27, 2009

Maryland Sheep and Wool Is Saturday!

The first Sheep and Wool Festival I went to was in 1990, and I haven't missed one since, except for the time when I got a good dose of pollen in the car on the way up and nearly collapsed before I got to walk around much. But I was actually there, even though I didn't get to see much. That's almost 20 years!

Normally, I would be very excited about the MSWF, but it's almost 90 degrees in my apartment and has been that way since Friday. I started to suffer from all the symptoms of heat exhaustion around the end of Saturday. 

My windows have been open most of the weekend and Friday (actually most of the winter), so now I'm suffering from exposure to tree and grass pollen plus mold spores in addition to the heat exhaustion. The administrator for the building keeps telling me to open my windows (and consequently let in all the allergens). I've realized that the back room that I don't use stays cooler than the rest of the place because the window, drapes and door are usually closed. I've adopted the policy that once it's warmer outside than inside, I'm closing the windows. I'm praying for a thunderstorm.

The management of my apartment place put up a notice that the air conditioning will be started on Wednesday. That means that it will actually come on at the end of the work day, and should actually cool the building sometime around Thursday morning.

The notice says that the last frost was last week. The weather people say that the last frost here was on the 25th of March. The weather people were predicting Summer weather for the next ten days starting last Friday. They turned off the heat on Friday, and they could've turned on the air conditioning at the same time, but they elected to wait. The notice said that some people might find it "a little warm."

I don't anticipate being able to recover sufficiently to go to the festival.

I am so bummed I can't tell you. And exhausted from too much histamine and heat.

I hope you're feeling better than I am.

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  1. Does this mean you aren't coming? Oh, by the way it was 90 degrees outside also.