Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lots More Coraline!

Holly and Robin were planning on going to see Coraline last night. She works at a big bank building downtown, so she has off for all Federal holidays, and could go and do that. I'm supposing they did, but I haven't heard about it yet.

Oh, and by the way, today is Robin's birthday, so,

Happy Birthday, Robin!

Anyway, last week, Holly called me, amazed at all the stuff on the Coraline site. If you go to Coraline's bedroom and open the bottom drawer of her dresser, you'll find the pattern for the starry sweater she wears, but in children's and adult's sizes. If you click the top drawer, you'll find information on the woman who knitted the sweater. There's also a Coraline poster that you can print for yourself, a page where you can design flowers for the garden, and many more things.

Holly texted me a few days later and said "Do you know that Kent's picture is up on the Coraline site?" I called her back and we had a long conversation about a lot of things. I think they must've given Kent an alternate name in the credits, because his credit for Coraline isn't on his IMdB page, it's on a separate one.

Anyway, Holly said that she'd seen two different photos of him in the well. I had hoped to be able to snatch a photo of him, but Flash won't let me. If you click on one of the photos in the well, it'll give you a separate window that will show you all the photos in sequence, with labels that tell who everyone is. I only saw two (excellent) photos of him. He's a very handsome man, definitely worth looking at/for!

But the real news I wanted to spread (in case you haven't heard it before) is about the Coraline Boxes. Knitty got one, and it's really neat! Check it out here. I especially like this box.

There are more photos and information on the boxes here, here, here, and here. Search for Coraline boxes on a search engine. There's lots more info out there! And it's amazing!

As a crafter, I'm thinking about searching some thrift stores for old boxes, and making my own using polymer clay and whatever. Does that start the wheels turning or what?

Did you know that if you're a member of Ravelry, you can join the Knitters for Neil group, which is a group that appreciates Neil Gaiman? 

There's also a Coraline sweepstakes, but you'll have to enter soon, so get over there and do it! I've already entered!

Have a great day!

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