Sunday, February 1, 2009

High of 56 Degrees!

The bus company around here is all mixed up.

Right now, the weather report I just looked at says the high today will be 56 degrees, but that it is currently 60 degrees. It always makes me giggle when they do this. Oh, and there is glorious sunshine, and I plan to go out when I finish this.

Anyway, on a beautiful day like today, the buses aren't running. But tomorrow, when we expect rain, the buses will be going full force. At least it will be warm tomorrow. Tuesday, when I'll have the money to do my errands, it will be snowing.


For any of you Medieval fans, please check out the sidebar for Designs Toscano. They just sent me an email saying that I haven't sold anything through the link, so they're going to cut me off.

If you are interested in the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, please check it out. They're a great company and have stuff I know you'll love and want to buy. No kidding! My ex-husband used to work there, and bought me this from them for Christmas one year.

They always have a dozen things I want!


On Monday evening, Chuck will be back and NBC will bring back Heroes and Medium, too. The interesting thing about Chuck is that it will be (ornate fanfare). . . in 3D! The reason I'm telling you about this now is that to see it in 3D (rather than a blurry mess) you'll need 3D glasses. It took me a bit of searching, but I eventually discovered that all this is because of Superbowl Sunday (which, for you non sports fans, like me, is today).

It turns out that the Superbowl will have a batch of commercials in 3D, so lots of places are distributing 3D glasses free. The ones I got were from Safeway, and some CVS stores are also distributing them. The distributers of Pepsi have out a drink I've never heard of before, and you can get the glasses almost anywhere that distributes Pepsi. They come in a sheet of 4 and you can punch part of them out, but you have to cut some of it out. So you have to take the whole sheet.

The SciFi Channel had Lost listed for all evening on Monday until a few days ago, but they've changed their minds at the last minute, and reruns of Lost will not be on SciFi on Monday.

I'm going to go out and enjoy the day! I hope you have weather as nice as mine so you can do the same!

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