Tuesday, February 24, 2009


TNT has turned itself into the Leverage channel for the day!

Tonight is the grand finale of the season for Leverage, and they're showing all the shows that lead up to that, unfortunately, not in order.

Do check it out if you have the chance!


That's pretty much it for today for this blog because of some big news.

I intend to start a new blog today.

I may have mentioned that after looking up the Great Depression, I discovered that the things that happened during the Great Depression are happening now (except for the dust bowl, thank heaven!).

Well, after a long string of really bad service, I discovered Comcast is ripping me off, and I'm really angry about it! I should say here that it may be the result of a company that is mismanaged and totally inept. The abysmal quality of service would tend to support that theory.

But the bottom line is that, deliberate or not, they're ripping off about $50 or $60 from a 65 year old woman who's on Social Security. 

And you can bet that if they're doing it to me, they're doing it to others.

The new blog will be about the depressing stuff like this. I hope to let you know about rip-offs that affect how much money you have to spend at the grocery store, but also what to do about them, who to contact, and how to get help, not to mention the more upbeat ways that you can save money on essentials and lead a better life.

I don't know much about all this yet, but we'll learn together, and if we stick together, maybe we can help end this as soon as possible.

So, tomorrow I'll have information about my new blog and how you, too, can read it.

Have a great day, and a better day tomorrow! 

I intend to!

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