Saturday, January 17, 2009

Steve Canyon Rides Again!

For all you Steve Canyon fans out there, there's a new article about it up on the internet at this address, and it's a great review. There's even a photo of the cover I did.

And the second volume is in progress. I am downloading files for the cover as we speak. I have a fast internet connection (at least for the moment), and the first file says it will take four hours to download. Of course, it said that about a half an hour ago, too. Then there are two more files to download after that.

But the covers are going to be wonderful!

It's gone up to four hours and ten minutes for the download.


John is going to be going to Dayton, Ohio to The National Aviation Hall of Fame for an event to honor Milton Caniff (among others), and they'll be showing a Steve Canyon episode. There's lots more info if you follow the link.


I was talking to Holly just a little while ago. Her car still isn't fixed, and at this point, she's hoping that it won't be fixed before Wednesday. She lives close enough to the inauguration that her car was towed the last time around. They have told her and people on her street that they will not be towing cars this time, but that's what they said the last time and they towed anyway.

All the bridges between Northern Virginia and DC are being closed down, and most of the major highways are also being closed in this area. 295/395, and a list of others. You can only reach DC from Maryland now (or soon). 

Hotel rooms and other accommodations sold out long ago. People in Holly's area are selling crash space (enough space on a floor to lie down) at $100 each, and some people are putting up tents and selling space outside. With the high for today at 23 F, that sounds dangerous to me. I'm hearing rumors that some accommodations are going for as high as $400, and we're not even talking hotel room, here. 

Restaurants in DC are allowed to be open 24 hours for the duration, and bars are allowed to close at 4:30 am. Most of the bar operators really want to close earlier than usual, though, due to the situation. And restaurants probably won't be staying open for the whole time they're allowed to, so food and drink may be in short supply, too.

Holly works almost across the street from the White House, and they will be closed down all day on Monday and Tuesday. She has no fonder wish than to just stay at home until Wednesday, although she may have to go out to Safeway for supplies.

She was hoping to go out with me and get some yarn for a knitting project last weekend, and that never happened, so she won't be knitting on that project. But, she's got her new, wall-sized TV and new BluRay player with some new discs to play on it, and games to play on the computer and TV, so I don't think it will be too much of a strain for her. She plans to watch the inauguration on TV in the comfort of her own living room. I'll probably be watching it on my dinky little 19 inch TV, too. And we'll have a better view than the crazies that will be out there freezing.

I have 7 pizzas in the freezer (sale), ramen noodles, and lots of Chicken and Stars soup, so I'm dealing with the cold, too.


I've been steadily working my way through the irreplaceable stuff on my DVR, copying to DVD the stuff that I would like to buy, but that isn't for sale anywhere.

ABC Family is giving out no information on The Middleman. They haven't said that they're either picking it up for next season or not, and nobody has mentioned Middleman and DVD in the same sentence until I did it just now. So, I want to copy the few episodes of it that Comcast didn't manage to mess up so badly that they're unwatchable. If it ever becomes available on DVD, I promise I'll buy it. The same thing goes for some things that I'd dearly love to buy, but that aren't available.


I've also been working my way through the Christmas stockings I'm doing on commission. I'm about halfway through the third one (time-wise), so I'm about half done. I'm almost at the bottom of the leg on the third one.

The leg part is very time consuming. There's lots of combination intarsia and fair isle in color. So, it's not just knitting. It's stopping and winding bobbins with new colors, untangling the mess of yarn ends and bobbins frequently, darning in the ends of colors/strands I've finished with so they'll stop tangling with the ones I'm currently working on, and stops several times in each row to see how many stitches I have to knit in the current color before I change to a new one. Once I finish the leg, it's just a standard sock, with about the same number of stitches as a standard sock, so, no big deal. Then there's sewing up the back-of-the-leg seam, blocking and adding the pom poms and hanging loop. I'm finding it easier to do some preliminary blocking on the leg before starting the heel and foot. But there's still blocking to do on the finished stocking.

Pictures soon. I know I keep saying that, but it's been so dark and cold all day, I can't get good pictures in this light. And the flash makes it possible, but not flattering. At some point in time soon, I want to get a slave flash or two.

Here's a rerun of a photo from the second one, in case you want to get an idea of what the stockings look like.


Have a great weekend and enjoy the inauguration!

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