Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Twelfth Night!

Happy Twelfth Night!

During the Middle Ages, Twelfth Night was the big celebration of Christmas. Just like the song The Twelve Days of Christmas. Each day, you'd give everyone a slightly bigger, better present and have a bigger, better feast until on Twelfth Night the festivities climaxed.

For all you fiberartists out there, there's a special Christmas/Twelfth night series of art on The Panopticon, starting here.


There's supposed to be sub-freezing temperatures today and tomorrow with freezing rain and other miseries today. I went to the store yesterday so I wouldn't have to go out at all today in honor of the festivities.

I have lots of things I need to get out to do, but I'm avoiding them at all costs.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to avoid the visit to the dentist tomorrow. After my last visit, I have little fear of dental work done. He did the worst, and it wasn't bad, so that's not a source of stress. It probably wasn't bad because of the heavy-duty dose of Valium the doctor prescribed and I took pre-appointment. I'm just not looking forward to going there in the freezing rain that will be continuing at that point, and will have had about a day to build up some under-foot problems.

At least I'll wind up with some more teeth that look like original teeth without fillings. I feel like what the doctor is doing is magic. It's really amazing. 

And getting rid of most of the metal in my mouth may actually improve my health.


The SciFi Channel showed six episodes of Lost yesterday, and I had one additional one from G4 to watch yesterday. That's a total of seven hours of Lost yesterday! All I can say is WOW! I suspect that they're up to season four, but I could be wrong. I think there was an episode that was skipped, but I can't be sure.

I suspect that what they're trying to do is bring everybody up to date for the beginning of the fifth season later this month (Wednesday January 21st).

the SciFi Channel is also having a Stargate Atlantis marathon during the day, every day this week to build up to the season and series finale on Friday. They seem to be skipping around between seasons, though.

Have a great Twelfth Night!

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