Thursday, January 22, 2009

12 Degrees!

I woke up this morning at seven am. I went right back to sleep, but before I did, I turned on the weather channel, and found out it was twelve degrees! And it was probably colder a bit earlier. 

But for the first time in a while, it's expected to go above freezing today, and tomorrow it's supposed to go up into the fifties! And be sunny today and tomorrow! I'm going to do my running around then unless Holly has the car back and we can go somewhere on Saturday. I see a trip to the library in my future today.


I finished all the colorwork on the fourth Christmas stocking! I started the heel flap last night. That means that I can just knit a regular sock foot! I won't have to worry about color changes for a while! Only one more stocking to go! I'll be so happy to see them all finished!


It's Burn Notice almost all day on USA today, with the season premier on this evening.

There's a new Supernatural on the CW, but there are things I want to watch on two other channels at the same time, so I don't know what's going to happen. I can't possibly watch it all.

Don't forget Moonlight and Invasion tomorrow evening on SciFi! 

They're also having The Stolen Earth on really early tomorrow (5 am?). This is the second of the three final episodes of the current season of Doctor Who. The first one was Turn Left.  Those three episodes build up to the final one (Journey's End), which includes almost everyone who's been on the Doctor recently and a few from Torchwood who have never been on Doctor Who, including Gwen and Ianto. And yes, Captain Jack makes a pass at everyone. Well, except Donna, which annoys her no end. 

This is the biggest mind-blower ever for Doctor Who! Russell Davies really wanted to go out with a bang and he succeeded! Steven Moffat will be taking over from him, so, since all of his stories have been spooky, I think we can expect more of that for the Doctor. Examples of his stories include Blink and the two part story, Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead. I don't know anything about the new Doctor (Matt Smith), but I think we're going to see more spooky stuff! What a ride!

If you missed Turn Left the first time around and last week, you can pick up with the last two without a problem. The only thing you should know is that Rose showed up in Turn Left. She was not just the ghost that Donna saw in Partners in Crime or a picture on a screen that the Doctor missed as in Midnight. This time she showed up in real, solid 3D, carrying firearms big enough to smash an asteroid. Even Captain Jack approves!

Favorite quote from Silence in the Library: "All over the universe, people have an irrational fear of the the dark. But they're wrong. It's not irrational!" Is that spooky or what?

Have a great day, and enjoy this evening!

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