Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Douglas Adams commented on the ability of the human race to constantly state and restate the very obvious. I'm without a doubt a case in point.

Tomorrow is, indeed, Christmas Eve.

I've also turned into an awful drudge, knitting like a crazy person, trying to get everything done by Christmas. I haven't gotten addresses for my two granddaughters, so even though their presents are done, they're not sent, so they're obviously not going to get them for Christmas.

I did finish the hat for Jeff's daughter, Jan, and I've progressed to the mitts and scarf to match it. Here's what the hat looks like.

If there's interest, either here on on Ravelry, I'll write this up as a pattern and make it available. If you'd like to make the set, leave a comment.

This is the plainer, easier version of the hat I made for someone else this Christmas, but I think it's very pretty.

The beginning of the scarf looks like this:

I originally thought that the yarn was too heavy for mitts, and wanted to find matching yarn in a lighter weight, but the only stuff I could find was $7 per ball, and I'd need two of them. So, I tried a mitt with the yarn from the hat and scarf, and it turned out better than I expected.

Here's a photo of the first mitt, not finished. I still have to darn in the ends and add the trim at the cuff.

This is from my Long, Short, and Easy Mitts pattern. When this one seemed to be going well, I decided to knit two more of them, and then knit the scarf until I ran out of yarn, however long that turned out to be. So, the next projects in order are: two more mitts and then knit the scarf. After that, I'll crochet the edge trim on the scarf and then the mitt cuffs.

I think this is going to be a fabulous present.


I ran across an interesting discussion on Ravelry about outrageous signs that people had seen. Here are a few I liked:

These people have everything you need for a shotgun wedding:

And this one wasn't on the Ravelry discussion, but I thought it fit the season:

You may not hear from me until after the weekend, so let me wish you a Merry Christmas now. Or a happy anything-you're-celebrating right now.

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