Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day!

Yesterday was a snow day. If you've been watching the weather forecasts, you know what happened, since I live on the East coast.

I woke up to about four inches of snow on my windowsill, which built up to about eight inches over the course of the day. I think it would have gone higher, but the sill is narrow, and I don't think any more snow could stay there.

Visibility was bad, and although the snow was actually falling, it was going sideways faster than it was falling.

The streaks from upper right to the left are the falling snow. They're pretty hard to see, but the flag lets you see how hard the wind was blowing.

This was the view from my window sometime in the afternoon:

The visibility was bad because there was so much snow falling, or rather going almost horizontal.

Last night, I was reporting the conditions around here to Holly, and I said that one of the cars had been driven out of the parking lot, and then I realized it hadn't. It was just so covered with snow that you couldn't see it at all from the angle I was viewing it!

The snow stopped sometime during the evening. I don't know what the total was for here in Woodbridge, but there was a lot of it. The car seemed to be buried because the snow was blowing around as well as falling, and that's why it seemed to be covered. It's hard to estimate how much we really got because of the drifts. Some spots were very deep, and others were almost bare.

By today, the streets that had been plowed were almost totally bare, with just some dampness on the road, but there were very high spots where snow was piled up. Here's a shot of some snow piled above my head.

Here's a nearby parking lot, and you can see that although the snow is piled up, it's not a problem walking or driving.


I had planned to go to the supermarket yesterday, but I took the last two photos of my trip there today instead. Rather than brave the wind and cold, I stayed home and knitted Christmas presents (and had pizza for dinner) while watching TV, mainly a lot of Doctor Who!

BBC in America premiered Waters of Mars yesterday, and showed reruns of The Next Doctor, and Planet of Death, along with a "making of" thing, Inside Doctor Who, and a Graham Norton Doctor Who Special.

They'll be showing the next two Doctor Who episodes over the next two Saturdays.


I've been doing so much knitting that I've become very dull. There's nothing new happening that I can tell you about due to the projects being Christmas presents. I'll be taking photos of the projects, but I'm not going to put them up until people have gotten their presents, so that contributes to the dullness of this blog at the moment.

Back to the knitting!

I hope you've had as wonderful a weekend as I have. Happy Holidays!

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