Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Winter!

Today is the Winter Solstice, otherwise known as the first day of winter. It's the shortest day of the year, and things can only get brighter from here (until the Summer Solstice). Anyway, from here on in, we'll be getting more light every day!


I've been working on the stuff for Jeff's daughter, finally! He asked for a scarf for her, but she'll at least be getting a hat, too. I've started with the hat. It will be similar to one I made before, and I intend to write up this pattern and sell it, along with a matching scarf, so keep tuned if you're interested.

The photo is upside down from the way it would look while you're knitting it, but the cuff you see is the way it will be viewed on the actual hat when worn. The cuff is right side out and right side up. This particular cuff is a real mobius, and I think it's going to be neat. I know it looks plain now, but it's going to get a lot better.

Although the cuff is the right way around, I'm now knitting with the inside facing me. The short section of ribbing will make it fit better, and right after the photo was taken, I switched to St St, which put the reverse (purl) side on the right side of the hat.

The yarn is Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in Purple Spray, and it's going to take two balls, along with some matching Cello yarn from JoAnn Fabrics. The hat itself is going to be the same general shape as the one below, but a lot easier to knit, and almost as impressive.

At this point, I'm thinking that it would be good to make just a hat and scarf from this yarn, and try to find a matching yarn in a lighter weight. I really don't like the idea of using yarn that's that heavy for mitts. Mittens would work well in the Jiffy yarn, though. Hmmm... I'm writing all this as if I have enough time to actually finish it by Christmas.


I'm changing my viewpoint on selling patterns. I keep getting requests for PDFs, and I think I'm finally going to break down and sell patterns that way. It eliminates the cost of having them printed, which is a plus for me. I'm also running out of wimple and hood patterns, so it's a way to keep going with that.

I've also been writing patterns that can be knit in any weight yarn because that seems to be the best way to do it to me. I do a lot of things that way. I've found, over my years of being a professional artist, that even other artists don't think the way I do. I see the shape of the finished garment in my mind, and then knit or crochet it that way. And doing it that way means that it's possible to write it for any weight yarn because the shape is the same.

But nobody else seems to want to do it that way. So, if I do it the way everybody else is doing it, I can write a pattern for each particular item, not just for all of them with directions for modifications.

Anyway, this hat is going to be beautiful, and I can't wait to see it finished!

Lately, I'm finding that I seem to want to do something different each time. Previously, I've been knitting a lot of things that were very similar. I guess we all evolve.


Not much on TV tonight except The Big Bang Theory, which sounds like it's not Christmassy, but about buying presents, so it's really Christmassy in a way. Then again, I haven't seen it, even though it's a rerun, so I really couldn't say.

I have to get some stuff mailed out, but I also have to get back to knitting, so that's it for now.

Have a terrific Christmas week!

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