Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Second Day of Christmas

According to people in Medieval Europe, today is the second day of Christmas. You were supposed to give a small present on the firs day, and a bigger present on each succeeding day of Christmas until, on the twelfth night, you gave the biggest present.

I spent yesterday watching mostly Christmas schlock on TV and knitting Christmas presents.

I had a great dinner and lots of phone calls from friends, but I didn't go out or have any visitors or get a chance to get or give presents due to rain! Lots of rain!

Yes, presents are not done.

I still have several people to finish presents for, but I did put the finishing touches on a few presents that I finished knitting last night:

I put a hole in this to stick the other end of the scarf through so that it stays in place better. The knitting on this was done before I went to sleep last night, and I added the trim around the edges today.

Here are the mitts that go with it. They can be worn on either hand, so I always knit three of them so that when you lose one of them, you still have a pair. Unless I'm knitting them for Malaia, that is. I've decided to knit four of them for her ever since she managed to lose two of them at once. Anyway, here they are:

And since they don't look too good unless they're modeled, I put one on and held it in front of the Christmas tree for a photo:

And I know that I showed you this photo the other day, but here's the hat that goes with it:

This set is for the daughter, Jan, of my friend, Jeff. I hope she likes it!

I've actually finished a lot of presents (there's a large box full of them, and that's not all), but I haven't been showing them to you because the people they're for read my blog. You'll get to see photos of them after they've been given.

Now on to finish some more presents.


BBC in America is having another big Doctor Who day, starting at 6:30 here. They'll be showing Planet of the Dead, Waters of Mars, the premier of The End of Time Part 1, Doctor Who Inside Look, and a Graham Norton Doctor Who Special, in that order. Big day for the Doctor! Check your schedules!

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

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