Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pete and Other Strange Things

Holly has a friend, Pete, who I know well enough to give a big hug. In fact, I hugged him the last time I saw him (two Saturdays ago, right after Thanksgiving). He's fun and very unusual.

I met Pete when Holly and I went to Toledo a couple of years ago. Pete let me park my car at his place for the duration of the trip, and gave us a ride to the airport from there. I really enjoyed meeting him.

He moved to Florida a couple of years ago because of some personal stuff that he was very unhappy about. Holly went there to help cheer him up. I think she hoped that he'd move back here, but the main objective seemed to be to cheer him up no matter what he decided to do. Well, he decided not to move back here, so I thought I wouldn't have the chance to see him again.

I was glad to find that I was wrong about that.

Unfortunately, I only got to see him because he was on his way between two different places. He stopped in DC on his way to Moscow. He said that in a bizarre twist of fate, he found himself the owner of a bar in Moscow, and was going there to see what was happening with it.

He promised us he'd send photos, and has sent at least one so far:

All I can say is Wow! He is an amazing person!


When I checked out Twitter today, I found something that is so amazing that it sounds like a hoax. Here's the link. Decide for yourself. Oh, and you really need to see this! It's truly news of the weird! I don't know what to make of this, and apparently, neither does anyone else!

Oddly enough, although this was reported being seen from Norway, it has Moscow as a tag, and Russia is mentioned prominently. I wonder if Pete was up to something?

I've seen some strange lights in the sky (although not that strange). If you have, too, send me a comment and tell me about it. I may publish any comments that are interesting.


There's not a whole lot happening on TV tonight. I hope you have a DVR or a DVD player and lots of DVDs!


I felt rotten all last evening after seeing the dentist, but a longer than normal night's sleep seems to have helped a lot. I still have some numbness from the Novocaine, but the worst of it is over and I'm feeling close to normal (whatever that is). I'm thinking seriously about going out tomorrow and doing all the stuff I planned to do on Tuesday but didn't due to the way I felt after seeing the Dentist.

Have a great evening!

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