Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

Not a lot to talk about today. I've become unbelievably boring due to trying to find a computer that I can afford. I found a fabulous one on ebay yesterday and bid on it, and it disappeared overnight! So, I looked around and found another one that's almost as good to bid on today. This one has hardly been used and comes with discs for all the original software (i.e., just the OS) and the manuals, not to mention a leather case!

The one I'm probably going to get is not a netbook. It's just a smidge bigger, so the keyboard is 95% of full size, so it's actually useful for typing. You can see more about it here. One of the big advantages of this model is that it was popular very recently, but it's at the stage where a lot of people are buying new ones and want to sell their old ones. There are quite a few of them on ebay, along with replacement batteries, keyboards, power cords, etc.

As with netbooks, it doesn't have a CD/DVD drive because of lack of space, but it does have 2 USB outlets, good for plugging a USB keychain drive, and a place to plug in SD cards. Since my camera also takes an SD card, I can transfer photos easily, or use it to add a drive with no hassle.

It also has not only wifi, it also has bluetooth, and reader comments have mentioned that it syncs easily with their bluetooth phone. Which means that I'll be able to be on the internet anywhere if I have my phone with me.

I'm sure you're tired of this by now, so I'll go on to something else.


The yarn for the Christmas present arrived today, and I love it! Knit Picks is the best! I was all set to take some photos and show off here, and then I remembered that Holly reminded me that the person I'm making the present for reads my blog, so, no photos for you!

I barely got my order off to Knit Picks, and then I found out that they just came out with a brand new set of Options interchangeable needles. These are called Zephyr, and they're acrylic. They look (in the photos) like they're either translucent or clear, probably clear. Now I just have to order a set of tips to see how I like them. They're on sale for about $45 for a set, which is a big discount!

I ordered a set of Harmony tips to try them out, and there were a few things I didn't like. First of all, in spite of the fact that many people think the colors are pretty, I think they're ugly. The individual colors would be pretty if they were a solid color, but no, they're stripes. The colors also make it difficult to see what you're doing while trying to count stitches. One of them also disassembled itself while I was knitting with it, and dropped about 50 stitches in a complicated lace pattern! Yes, I know that you can reglue them, but that's a known problem, and I don't see anything happening to prevent it in the first place. Yes, I know that many people are in love with the Options Harmony needles, but I don't happen to be one of them.

I suspect the Zephyrs might have the same problem with separation from the connector, but we'll have to see. I think that there's a big chance that I could like these. If nothing else, they should be airplane safe! They also mention that some of the the smaller size needles are not totally rigid, which might make them easier on the hands.


Holly finally got up the courage to go to the dentist yesterday. I wish she'd done it sooner. By waiting, it means she's lost a tooth, and not under good circumstances. It involved the words "bone graft" in the description of what was done, which didn't strike me as a good omen. We had a discussion yesterday via text messaging due to her not being able to talk. She's going to have to have the tooth replaced, similarly to the tooth problem I'm currently having, which I hope to get fixed soon, if the county gets funding for it's dental health program.


It's a usual Friday night on TV tonight. Reruns of Ghost Whisperer, and a new Eureka!

Have a great weekend!

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