Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Bastille Day!

Yes, today is Bastille Day, and I hope all of you are enjoying it immensely!

I have had the privilege of actually being in France on Bastille Day, and of actually seeing the Bastille (not on Bastille Day, though).

Do click on the link above and find out more about it.


I've been writing a lot about science fiction and a selection of other things, and promising some knitting info, and finally, here it is.

One thing I'm starting to do (in an effort to raise some money) is knitting Christmas stockings to sell on Etsy. What could be a better Christmas present for someone who you haven't a clue what to get. Most people don't actually have a Christmas stocking, and these will be shiny! Literally shiny! And you don't have to worry if it'll fit! Unless you want to put a really big present in it.

Here's the beginning of the first stocking that I'm making for sale. All of the yarn that will be used is/will be shiny in some way except for the yarn right around the edge at the top. I suspect that part will get more wear, and the non-shiny yarn will be sturdier. The fuzzy yarn is even shiny. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't show it well. I'm going to have to find a good way to photograph this that will show off the glitz.

I got some yarn on sale a few years ago from WalMart that was called Red Heart Holiday Yarn, and I really like it. But there is a very small selection of colors to choose from. Since then, I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

Until about a week ago. JoAnn Fabrics sent me an ad, and not only do they have it, but it's on sale! I was so excited! Until I clicked on the ad, and found out that they have "upgraded" their website, and now all I get are error messages.

I fumed and worried about this for a few days, and even upgraded my browser, which didn't work.

Then, Sunday night, I woke up out of a sound sleep with a great plan for how to make my own holiday yarn! I don't have a spinning wheel for nothing!

So, you've blown it, JoAnn Fabrics! I would've bought a batch of yarn from you, but now I have a better idea, and you've lost the sale. By upgrading your website, you've said to me (very clearly) that you don't need or want my business. I may (or may not) stop in to the store, but you can forget about me as a customer for your website! Good bye!

I have a few projects going at the moment, and one of them is a vest.

Remember the variegated yarn I bought to make a scarf? Well, I came across a copy of The Knitting Experience: Book 3 in the Library, and borrowed it. I love this book!

It's the natural extension of the two previous Knitting Experience books, and it's got so much neat stuff that I've never seen anywhere else. It has instructions for knitting back backward and purling back backward. Yes! You don't have to turn your work if you're doing something with fairly short rows that's simple! And it shows Kitchner stitch for garter stitch! There are so many gems in this book that I really want a copy.

So, anyway, there was a sweater in the book that's done in tweed stitch with two rows of one color alternated with two rows of variegated yarn. If you choose yarns with the right colors and shades to mix, it's beautiful!

Well, I didn't want a sweater, but I really need a vest, so I got just a bit more of the multicolored yarn and combined it with some navy yarn I bought to make a rug (I'll make the rug later), and started this beautiful vest.

The sweater in the photo uses the wrong side of tweed stitch for the right side of the sweater, and I like that. But I also like tweed stitch. So, since I'm making this in once piece, I can wait until I'm almost completely done to decide which side I want out. Actually, I could make this reversible if I was willing to forgo pockets. I'm not willing to do that, though. So here's a photo showing both sides of the fabric.

The right side of tweed stitch is shown on the bottom of the photo, and the right side is at the top.

The color in the multi yarn is pooling, and it's giving almost a tie-dyed effect in the finished fabric. I like it!

Here's a close-up of the right side of tweed stitch. Keep in mind that this photo is a bit washed-out, and the colors are actually stronger, more like the colors shown above.


Tonight is an all-new episode of Eureka! And we're finally going to get to see the episode of Better Off Ted that they cancelled last week. Unless, of course, they do it again. Better Off Ted was scheduled to be shown up until the last minute, and then they chose to show something else.

There's a lot of other stuff I'd like to talk about today, but I have some things I promised someone I'd do.

So, have a great evening!

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