Monday, July 27, 2009

Chicken Soup

The apartment I live in is really a joy in so many ways. One of the good things about it is that each apartment is isolated from all the others.

The walls are fireproof and soundproof. We have regular fire alarm tests and have all been given instruction on what to do in case of fire: stay in your apartment and keep the door closed, and wait for someone to escort you safely from the building if it's necessary. The walls are fireproof, and if your apartment isn't on fire, it's safest to stay there.

I was worried that my TV would be too loud and bother others, but I was told I could turn it up as loud as I wanted, and nobody in another apartment would hear it. The sound does escape a bit under the door to the hall, but not through the walls.

And I think the space under the door is responsible for the wonderful smell in my apartment right now.

Somebody is making chicken soup! And it smells heavenly! I'm not really hungry, but the smell is, like popcorn, one of my favorite smells. I have a large cache of canned chicken soup left from the last time I had a real apartment that I haven't exhausted yet, and I suspect that I've already decided what to have for dinner.


I've mentioned a few times that I'm on Twitter, and that there's a widget in the sidebar where you can read updates in between blogs, but today I found out about something I hadn't heard of at all: Plurk. I've joined (I'm lostarts--hi!), but I'm still trying to figure it out.

Twitter doesn't give you a lot of help, and neither does Plurk. Twitter has lots of supporting sites that tell you how it works, though. Maybe Plurk does, too. I'll have to check.


John went to SD Comic Con over the weekend, and took lots of photos. He sent one of them to me via phone without any caption or explaination, and here it is:

I keep thinking I should know who that is with him, but at this point, I haven't got a clue.

Anyway he said that there will be more photos. I'm not sure if they'll be on his blog, or if he's going to send them to me, but I can't wait.


Well, I'm about to plunge into knitting for Christmas. I placed a Knit Picks order today for yarn for a Christmas present for one of my granddaughters. I don't think she reads my blog, so I can probably show photos when the yarn arrives, and even update photos of how it's going.

I have also started on knitting Christmas stockings to sell in my Etsy shop. I'll keep you updated on that, too.


Well, tonight we have a rerun of Medium on, and, on ABC Family, Bridge to Terabithia. I know, that's a children's movie, but it's a good fantasy story, too.


I'm thinking about doing something biographical one day a week, and I plan to start it tomorrow, so brace yourself. It'll probably start slow, and (hopefully), pick up speed as time goes on.

In the meantime, have a great evening!



Breaking News!

There has been a Supernova in a neighboring galaxy, and the shock wave is headed straight for us!

Brace for impact!

It's only 190,000 light years from earth!