Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope you have a wonderful, happy, safe Fourth of July weekend!

I'm taking a little vacation from all my usual topics to get into the spirit of the holiday, and just explore some neat things.

First of all, use the internet to find the best professional fireworks in your area and go see them rather than trying to set off your own.

For those of you who are curious, check here to find out how fireworks work. If you persevere through the pages, there's a table and animated display that shows you what each different  type of firework is called. I think it's the chrysanthemums that I like best. 

You can also take a founding fathers quiz, if you really know where all the founding fathers resided, but this one is more frustrating than fun.

One of the neatest things I happened to find today was an article about sand castles. You really need to click on this and see some of the things people have made!

Here's one of the castles from the article that I particularly like, but some of the others are bigger or more impressive in other ways. Notice the fence and signs in the front of the castle. I suspect this is a lot bigger than it looks without other reference points. You really want to check them out.

Happy Independence Day weekend!

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