Saturday, June 26, 2010

We're Having a Heat Wave...

Not only are we actually having a heat wave, but the air conditioning in my apartment building is out!

It's dead, Jim!

They have to completely replace it, and if everything goes perfectly, they should have it up and running late on Monday.

But then, when does anything ever go perfectly?

I'm hoping really hard for Monday though.

It was 80 degrees in here yesterday, and it's 85 today. That doesn't sound so bad, but it's uncomfortable.

They've been around four times to try to evacuate me! I had to sign a release saying that they had explained to me the dangers of dehydration and a whole list of other problems that I could have because of the heat, and that I still elected to stay.

All this would be reasonable except that we've had a week or more of 90 degree plus days almost every Spring and Fall without air conditioning since I've been here. It's gotten to 110 degrees in my apartment already, and the response I've gotten when I complain about it is "So? Open a window!" Those temperatures happen even with judicious opening of windows and the use of fans, though!

Every time I go to a doctor, they always say "Turn on the air conditioner and keep the windows closed!" As you might guess from all this, I have allergies to tree pollen (Spring), ragweed (Fall) and grass (most of the time). So each Spring and Fall, I have to choose between being slow roasted and having an allergic reaction that sets me up for being sick most of the year.

They said that if it gets too warm in here, the fire department may force an evacuation, and then I won't have any choice.

If the fire department does force an evacuation, I plan to make a note of the conditions and if (when) they're exceeded in the future, call them and either get the AC on or get evacuated!

In the meantime, I'm probably not going to be blogging much, so don't be surprised.

I hope you're having a weekend that's much cooler than mine!

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